AI Training

Fully customized, hands-on training on how to use AI tools for your tasks. For teams, departments, or groups.


Our AI Training sessions are designed to provide in-depth, hands-on instruction on utilizing AI tools effectively in your business and marketing efforts. Our AI training sessions cover tools such as AI-powered text generators (like ChatGPT), and AI image generators (like Midjourney) to help you utilize AI effectively. Unlike our introductory AI Workshops, AI training dives deeper into the practical, real-life uses of AI tools in your work. The training is tailored to your industry, needs, and goals and can include training over several days and multiple departments.

Who Is AI Training for

Our AI training is designed for any group or individuals who want to learn how to effectively use AI tools for practical work applications and enhance operations, communications, and overall productivity. Whether you are new to AI or already using AI tools, our training is suitable for individuals at all levels. We customize the training to meet your needs and goals.

For example:

Businesses and Organizations

Equip your employees with skills and knowledge to effectively use AI tools like ChatGPT and AI image generators in their daily work. AI training can benefit businesses big and small and include companies and organizations across various industries such as retail, healthcare, finance, technology, and more.

Departments and Teams
Get AI Training for specific teams and departments within your company or organization to enhance their operations and workflows using AI tools. Learning how to utilize these tools can help various departments, including customer service, human resources, marketing, product development, sales, and more.

Educational Institutions
Universities, colleges, and other educational institutions can provide AI training for faculty, staff, or students to leverage these tools for administrative or academic purposes.

What to Expect

Learn how to use AI tools such as ChatGPT and Midjourney (AI image generator) and techniques such as prompting – effectively – for your specific tasks. We roll up our sleeves and work on real-life applications, applying the tools to your work for immediate results. 

Gain practical knowledge with hands-on learning and real-world examples.

Our AI Training is fully customized for you. We work closely with you, and whether the training is for a specific department or the entire organization – it will be tailored just for you.

Our AI training also covers the best practices for using AI tools. We offer guidance on how to avoid mistakes that could have a negative impact.

Our training is primarily focused on text generation, image creation AI tools, and prompt engineering. We do not cover topics such as chatbot development or complex AI programming. Our goal is to provide you with practical skills to leverage AI tools in your work.

In-Person or Virtual

We understand the importance of flexibility in training formats and offer both in-person and virtual AI training options. Our goal is to deliver high-quality training in a format that best suits your team and your organization.

In-Person AI Training

For teams that prefer an interactive, face-to-face learning experience, in-person AI training is a great choice. Conducted at your preferred location, the training allows for direct engagement, hands-on work, and real-time feedback. Our trainer, Alie Jules, will work closely with your team, providing personalized guidance and support.

Please note that additional travel expenses may apply for in-person training and will be covered by the client.

Virtual AI Training

For teams that are remote or prefer the convenience of online training sessions

Conducted through video conferencing, our virtual training sessions offer the same level of interactivity and engagement as our in-person sessions. Participants can join from any location, making it ideal for teams spread across different regions or working remotely. Our virtual training sessions are designed to deliver high-quality training and actionable insights for your team, no matter where they are located.

Choose the format that aligns with your preferences and logistical considerations. If you are not sure which option would work better for you, we’d be happy to discuss the format with you during our initial meeting.


The duration of the AI Training is highly flexible and fully customized based on your specific needs and requirements. We’ll work with you to design the training session to align with your schedule and desired outcomes.

Because the duration is so flexible, here is an example of AI training schedule:

Company training, on-site, several departments/teams

1. General Instruction

Duration: 2-4 hours (1/2 day)

Overview: The general session is for all participants. It includes an introduction and overview of the tools, their capabilities, and how they can be used across different departments and functions. This portion of the training is designed to give the participants a foundational understanding of the AI tools and their practical applications.

2. Department/Team-Specific Instruction:

Duration: 2-4 hours (1/2 day) per team/department

Overview: After the general instruction, each team/department received individualized training tailored to their specific use cases and tasks. For example:

  • Customer Service – Learn how to use ChatGPT to help with handling customer emails, communication, and repetitive tasks.
  • HR – Learn how to use ChatGPT for crafting job postings, employee communications, and automating repetitive HR tasks.
  • Marketing – Learn how to use ChatGPT to assist in content creation, email marketing, and social media content.

Each department-specific training session includes hands-on exercises and real-world tasks specific to that team.

This is simply one example – your training may look different based on your specific needs and goals.

Overall, the emphasis is on practical knowledge, customization, and effectiveness, ensuring the participants can start immediately implementing what they learned in the AI training.

Group Size

Optimized for effective learning

Our AI training sessions are structured to optimize the learning experience for each participant. General instruction training sessions can accommodate a larger audience, as it provides an overview and introduction to AI tools and their practical applications.

For individualized team learning sessions, we recommend smaller group sizes to ensure personalized attention and hands-on learning. We work with you to determine the ideal group size for each team training session based on the specific needs and goals of the team.

To discuss group size and customize the AI training for your organization, please contact us.

Led by Alie Jules

AI training is led by Alie Jules, a business leader with over two decades of experience in executive roles, including VP, Director of Marketing and Operations, and CEO of Saana. Alie Jules brings a wealth of practical business knowledge, leadership, and a deep understanding of AI tools to each training session.

Key qualifications include:

AI Experience
Alie Jules has over 2,000 hours in mastering AI tools, including ChatGPT and AI image generators, since their public release in 2022—making her an early adopter and leader in this emerging technology.

Business Expertise
With extensive experience in executive and leadership roles, Alie understands AI’s real-world applications and strategic value in business operations and marketing.

Educator and Mentor
Alie has taught numerous teams, groups, and individuals throughout their 20-year career.

Certified Knowledge
Alie holds certifications in leadership, machine learning, and accessibility, among others, and she is also a certified professional coach.

Participants in the AI training sessions can expect an engaging, practical, and valuable learning experience led by an expert committed to helping teams effectively leverage AI in their work.


Investing in AI training for your team is an investment in the future success of your business. Our AI training is competitively priced to reflect the specialized expertise, customization, hands-on learning, and practical knowledge participants receive and are able to immediately use in their work.

For reference, AI training packages start at $3,000 for a half-day and $5,000 for a full day.

The final cost of AI training depends on multiple factors, including duration (half day, full day, multiple days), the size and number of participants, the level of customization, and any other specific requirements you may have.

Please note that for in-person training, the client is responsible for covering all travel expenses, including transportation, accommodation, and meals, when applicable.

For a personalized quote, availability, and to discuss bringing AI Training to your teams, please contact us.

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