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How to Identify Text Generated by AI?

The meteoric rise and use of AI writing tools like ChatGPT has resulted in a massive number of articles, essays, and content generated by AI. For various reasons, you may not want to use AI-generated text (plagiarism, inaccuracy, etc.). This has led to the need to find ways to detect text generated by AI.

Here’s the thing.

There is NO current way to detect AI-generated content accurately. 

AI Detection by a Human

There are a few limitations with AI detectors by AI – the biggest issue being accuracy. The AI dectection tools are NOT always accurate – they can mislabel both AI-generated and human-written text.

Just like plagiarism tools, AI-text detection tools have different levels of accuracy. Some tools may have an accuracy rate as low as 50%. Others may have higher accuracy, but none of them are 100% accurate, even though they may claim otherwise.

For this reason, using a human in the loop, a real person, to proofread and edit text is a must. Perhaps the goal shouldn’t be to read the text for the sake of trying to determine whether it was written by an AI or a human. Rather the purpose of the human editor is to make sure the text is fitting, high quality, and appropriate for what it is intended for.

Final Thoughts

Detecting text generated by AI may be necessary. However, it can be challenging to determine whether some text is written by an AI or a human. So, instead of focusing on analyzing each word and the strings of words, it may be much more important to determine if the text is accurate, of high quality, and has all the other criteria that you require for the text. This, at the moment anyway, is best done by a human editor.