Intelligent Marketing

Top marketing agency in North America for organic traffic.

Intelligent Marketing

Top marketing agency in North America for organic traffic.

With over 18 years of experience in digital marketing we know how to get results that matter and make a difference.

Results that Speak for Themselves

in 28 days

921k impressions

13k clicks

500+ clicks per day

12-Month Growth

18 Years

197 clients

$100+ Million

We are not your typical digital marketing agency pushing every possible (and unnecessary) service.

Nor are we a narrow, single-focus shop overlooking the bigger picture.

We are different.

We look at the whole picture: you, your brand, your customers and competition. Design, user experience, content, copywriting, SEO, accessibility… The whole picture.

Then, we zero in on what matters and makes a difference.

This is Intelligent Marketing!

It is our core. Our essence. Our guiding light.

What is Intelligent Marketing?

Intelligent Marketing means:

  1. Being strategic and smart
  2. Focused on impact and effectiveness
  3. Custom
  4. Practical and thoughtful
  5. Informed by comprehensive expertise
  6. Fluid and dynamic
  7. Honest and straightforward
  8. High-caliber

Intelligent Marketing gets results.

SEO – 3 months
0 to 15,000 visits

SEO – 6 months
730% traffic growth

SEO – 9 months
0 to 82% of traffic source

Sales – 5 months
400% Growth

Sales – 9 months
530% Growth

Sales – 12 months
860% Growth

Saana is a leading-edge marketing agency. We are agile, sharp leaders, not followers. Our agency is intentionally structured to be lean and focused to provide highly effective, personalized service with speed and efficiency. We care about our clients – you. Period.

Our expert team is led by Alie Jules, a highly experienced digital marketing leader with knowledge, creativity and strategy that gets results.

We move forward with purpose, delivering results with expertise, thought, and care.

Ready to change the game and level up?